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Archivo Jalisco

Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura has been focusing over the last ten years on transforming Mexico’s design culture. Based in Mexico City, Archivo has become a global reference thanks to the content it produces in its rich array of exhibitions, public programs and publications. Archivo fulfills the mission of collecting, exhibiting and rethinking all the diverse manifestations of design it has dealt with by framing each one of these in ways they can raise awareness on the influence and the power of design in our daily lives.

Archivo Jalisco is an exhibition that departs from 100 representative objects from the Archivo Collection and gathers a series of local works from Jalisco –related to both popular and contemporary design– that concur with Archivo’s mission, and could potentially be included in its collection. Throughout its history, Archivo has assembled a collection of almost 2,000 industrial design pieces. This has been built as an alphabet of the most important objects –and episodes– in the history of local and international design of the 20th century, thus becoming the largest specialized design collection in Mexico. For this exhibition, the objects have been organized into three sections and four categories: universal, historical, cultural, and contem

Moment 1 | Archivo Collection: 10 years of history
Moment 2 | 100 objects: Views from our design tradition(s)