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“… it is sometimes the humility of designers that changes the world and
that is why, it is necessary to turn to see these anonymous objects to recognize them. ”
– Paola Antonelli
Many of the objects we use in our daily activities are so integrated into our environment that we lose sight of the design behind them. Because of their practicality and efficiency, they have been used over and over through decades, becoming timeless and sometimes ahistorical items. In addition, their frequent use has allowed them to be easily recognizable, and organically incorporated into the collective imaginary. Under this condition, it is difficult for us to take the time to analyze them according to what they allow us as users. The seat is a typology that brings together many objects that exemplify this. Consider that many of us spend about eight hours of our day accommodated (or uncomfortable) in a chair.

The historiography of industrial design has taken care of recognizing and making visible the great landmarks of the seat. Each of these pieces has served a different purpose and has taken its place in the annals of history depending on the contributions they have made to it: chairs for the stay or for the dining room; seats designed for better performance at work or pieces of luxury and decoration that tend to express concepts or values ​​that make them rich in meanings. It is thanks to their practical and economic qualities in industrial mass production processes that objects tend to gain popularity and be used massively. This ends by adding universal value to the object within the history of design.

(Español) Juego de botellas de catsup y mostaza 12oz.


Cartón de Huevos

Topo Chico

Paper Bag

Streamliner Car Play

Cubo Rubik

(Español) Slinky


(Español) Tetera (no. 7)

Jarra 233

Exprimidor manual

Exprimidor de cristal

(Español) Azucarera

Paper Cups No.104


Exprimidor de Limones

Citromatic 4173

Canastilla para Huevos

Nike Cortez

Hexagon Egg Holder

(Español) Lotería

Raspador Hielo


Salero Gallina

(Español) Salero de Jitomate


Moka Express 6

(Español) Chemex (CM-1C)

(Español) Ligas LEON


Salero de barrilito

Cooling Rack

Pelikan Eraser


Cepillos de raíz

Tornamesa Philips 22GF113 (Elektrogrammofoon)

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