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“The representative of our time,
will be the one who has the most representative attributes of it,
it will be the archetype. ”
– Enrique del Moral
Since the modernization of our country (the first major break with the prevailing tradition of our recent history), we have relied on foreign echoes to steer our development. These have transformed the ways of understanding our essence and therefore have affected our cultural production.

Mexican artist Federico Silva once recognized that our identity has always worked as an “amalgam of the global with a strong presence of the Mexican.” This notion extends to the field of design and industrial production; our way of making and understanding the objects we create has been achieved by finding key moments in the history of design and then importing and adapting them to local practices.

Objects that became emblematic or that have played a decisive role in universal history for having offered some novelty, are presented together with design linked to our popular tradition; the one that arises from an artisan logic that converges with industrial languages. Due to their historical value, these pieces –both designed by renowned and anonymous authors– show stages of the past, explain our evolution in local and global contexts, and give clues about our future: Identity as a reference.

Silla Malinche

Silla para El Eco


Polaroid Land Camera, Swinger Model 20

(Español) iPod Mini

Gillette Super Speed Shaving Knife

Alfajor sin rellenar

Silla Arrullo

TXT .01 Stool


Banco Jalisco


Stool Ti

(Español) Lentes Anaglifos

Blue Willow Tableware

(Español) Porzionatore

Panam Sneaker

(Español) PowerBook 170, M5409

One Laptop Per Child, XO Laptop

Silla Chamela


Silla Jalisco

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