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Archivo Jalisco

Through the repetition of objects in our context, perhaps the viewer can recognize aspects with which he can identify; features to be discovered through various approaches to intelligence printed on the object.

Some of the works in the Archivo Collection can only be identified by a specific niche: the design connoisseur. Their beauty, ingenuity and simplicity often precede their functionality and the intrinsic potential they carry is not easily readable by a general audience, therefore, their value can only be understood when framed in certain cultural contexts –such as galleries, museums or cultural institutions–. Many of these objects carry implicit narratives that are identified by being familiar with renowned episodes and characters in the history of design; they can be fully appreciated when supported by contexts that give them specific cultural values.

Super Leggera Chair (699)

Sam Corona Chair

(Español) Juicy Salif

Bauhaus Bauspiel


Salt and Pepper shakers

Vase CLM1840

Jelly Shoes

Ojeda Knives

Kettle 9093

Cesta Bench

Corona Chair

Raeder Chair

El Vaquero

DAR Eames Chair

Knotted Chair

(Español) Hang it all

(Español) Formosa Wall Calendar Aluminio

Jalisco Plates

Ventilador Ariante

Mini Magnetic SaltBall


X-Bands: ligas

Frutero de alambre, 826

Silla de Exterior

Sillón Fidencio

Florero Milena Muzquiz

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Moment 2 | 100 objects: Views from our design tradition(s)