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Collecting is a major challenge. The curators of the Archivo Collection have established different selection criteria in order to give form and meaning to the great body of work that supports their institution. This first section shows iconic objects that have become representative of how over a decade, Archivo has studied, cataloged, reflected, and communicated the universe of design. In the integration of objects such as these into its space, Archivo has flourished them with a “world” that adds them values ​​according to how they evolve within this collection. Exhibiting them in Jalisco is a new moment for all of them that will load them with new values ​​and keep the collection active and dynamic.

Based on this way of collecting, the objects featured here also reflect the principles that have defined what is understood as good design –functionality, practicality, accessibility, beauty and simplicity– and that during the past century surfaced in paradigmatic exhibitions such as Good Design which took place in the 1950s at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Super Normal organized by designers Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa in 2000.

Mini Panton

Copy Paste

Mighty Wallet

Lamp No.2

Pod Lens


Etch a Sketch


Orange Juicer No.4

Super Nintendo

Weighing Scale with Plate

iMac G3

Olivetti, Valentine

Moment 1 | Archivo Collection: 10 years of history
Moment 2 | 100 objects: Views from our design tradition(s)