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Archivo Jalisco

“What are we and how do we realize what we are?”
– Octavio Paz
One of Archivo’s great innovations in its way of displaying its collection, is to present popular, vernacular, and handmade objects as an integral part of industrial design. Many of these have been produced by different actors who, being recognized or not, are part of a local vision of what is conceived as a good design.

The Archivo Collection has about fifty objects from Jalisco, many of which are distinctive of Mexican popular design. By thinking them, Archivo has managed to frame them as autonomous pieces but also as objects that coexist with both international and national design; for the Archivo Collection, objects have the same hierarchy despite their geography. It is from their own values ​​as objects and their relationship with their contexts, that these are chosen, integrated and displayed.

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Juicy Salif (mini)

Paper Bag Vase

Formosa Wall Calendar Madera

Deco Lottery

Super Leggera Chair (699)

Sam Corona Chair

(Español) Juicy Salif

Bauhaus Bauspiel


Salt and Pepper shakers

Vase CLM1840

Jelly Shoes

Ojeda Knives

Kettle 9093

Cesta Bench

Corona Chair

Raeder Chair

El Vaquero

DAR Eames Chair

Knotted Chair

(Español) Hang it all

(Español) Formosa Wall Calendar Aluminio

Jalisco Plates

Ventilador Ariante

Mini Magnetic SaltBall


X-Bands: ligas

Frutero de alambre, 826

Silla de Exterior

Sillón Fidencio

(Español) Juego de botellas de catsup y mostaza 12oz.


Cartón de Huevos

Topo Chico

Paper Bag

Streamliner Car Play

Cubo Rubik

(Español) Slinky


(Español) Tetera (no. 7)

Jarra 233

Exprimidor manual

Exprimidor de cristal

(Español) Azucarera

Paper Cups No.104


Exprimidor de Limones

Citromatic 4173

Canastilla para Huevos

Nike Cortez

Hexagon Egg Holder

(Español) Lotería

Raspador Hielo


Salero Gallina

(Español) Salero de Jitomate


Moka Express 6

(Español) Chemex (CM-1C)

(Español) Ligas LEON


Salero de barrilito

Cooling Rack

Pelikan Eraser


Cepillos de raíz

Tornamesa Philips 22GF113 (Elektrogrammofoon)

Silla Malinche

Silla para El Eco


Polaroid Land Camera, Swinger Model 20

(Español) iPod Mini

Gillette Super Speed Shaving Knife

Alfajor sin rellenar

Silla Arrullo

TXT .01 Stool


Banco Jalisco


Stool Ti

(Español) Lentes Anaglifos

Blue Willow Tableware

(Español) Porzionatore

Panam Sneaker

(Español) PowerBook 170, M5409

One Laptop Per Child, XO Laptop

Silla Chamela


Silla Jalisco

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