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Archivo Jalisco

Through its exhibitions, Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura has accomplished to promote design culture from an experimental, multidisciplinary and playful standpoint, one which has allowed audiences outside the field of designers to confront and reflect on their relationship with the objects.

Sticking to the mission of questioning assumptions driven by geographies, the exhibition relies on a Guadalajara-inspired toy made by Moisés Hernández for Pirwi to reaffirm its central argument. The designer of Mexico City takes inspiration from Luis Barragán, and appropriates a reference to a traditional representation of Guadalajara –the traditional horse from Jalisco–, ignoring the borders drawn between the two cities. Archivo shows “Los Caballos” as a preamble of the exhibition from the reference plane. It does it b y playing with the allusion to the yellow Barragán and crossing layers between the high and low culture. Thus, Archivo Jalisco exhibits a selection of current projects intended to be added to its collection, while celebrating notable design contributions from the state of Jalisco.

The horses

Cantú Bicycle

Levedad USB

La gallina


Mini Chac Seat

Panel Vaqueta



Días en Vela

Tiripiti A

Florero Banana


Jarra Giles Round

Ciclopuerto 003

Ciclopuerto 009

Ocampo II

Red Dress

Florero Milena Muzquiz

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